String Quartet No. 3 (2008)

Premiered in April 2009
Mixon Hall
Cleveland Institute of Music
Cleveland, Ohio

Iannis Quartet
Domenic Salerni and Ellen Cockerham, violins
Ayane Kozasa, viola
Josué González, cello
The overall concept of String Quartet No. 3 is the unfolding of an abstract object or musical idea. The introverted character of the opening music gradually evolves into that of an agitate struggle with itself as it is developed. Fortissimo strummed chords in the cello launch the violins to their high register, gradually dissipated the agitated character of the previous music to that of a suspended animation. In this new, placid, floating atmosphere, the opening musical idea unfolds with a feeling and calmness. The last section begins abruptly with a rhythmic canon in the violins, developing music from the opening, increasing the intensity before coming to a dramatic close.