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Blue Streak Ensemble will be performing Fragments of a Time and Place in Cleveland, OH.


GREAT NEWS! My dissertation document was approved! The document is an analytical study of Donald Erb's Ritual Observances for full orchestra. Composed in 1991, Ritual Observances was one of Erb's last orchestral works. It is dedicated to Leonard Slatkin, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Mozart, and the memory of Bruce Duncan Collie. The first movement is titled, Lacrymosa, acknowledging the origin of material Erb appropriated from Mozart's Requiem. The first eight measures of Mozart's Lacrymosa provide Ritual Observances with the musical material from which Erb generates music for the entire work. The title, Ritual Observances, and remaining movement titles are taken from the poetry of Dylan Thomas.

Having honed his craft over several decades of a successful composing career, Erb developed a style that was as equally informed by intuition as it was by constructivism. Erb created a work exhibiting an outward sense of organic development guided by inner workings of musical cells connecting surface and deep structural levels. The analytical chapters identify the linear and vertical structures that comprise the material from which Erb builds continually developing heterophonic textures, exploring the architecture and idiosyncratic gestural grammar of Ritual Observances.


For the remainder of the summer, I will be returning to The Perlman Music Program Summer Music School as a Fellow and Music Theory Teacher.


I'll be heading to Cleveland to teach at the Cleveland Institute of Music's Young Composers Program. There I will be giving composition lessons and classes on harmony, spectral music, borrowed music, the compositional process, and teaching along side Keith Fitch and Jeremy Allen. The program includes composition lessons, music theory, and a hands-on workshop with YCP's Ensemble in Residence, ARS FUTURA.


I will have the great pleasure of performing the Turina Piano Quartet with CMC faculty for the Annual CMC Benefit.


This Spring I am joining the faculty of the Chamber Music Center of New York as a music theory instructor. Our curriculum is designed to help students build solid fundamentals exploring topics through ear training, composition, and in class performance. 


The Cavani Quartet and Maddi Lucas will be performing Elegy for String Quartet and Flute, on the Logan Series 25th year opening concert at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. Elegy was commissioned in memory of Leslie Curtis.

During our time in Erie, we'll be performing an outreach event at Diehl Elementary School and presenting on the history of the string quartet at in a Music Appreciation at Penn State Erie.


This Fall I started in the position of Assistant Director of the New York Youth Symphony Composition Program. Students enrolled in the program participate in seminars, readings, and composition workshops. The culminating event of the NYYS Composition Program, Composition Date 2015, brings together the Jazz, Apprentice Conducting, Orchestra, and Chamber Music Programs of the New York Youth Symphony together for a concert of NYYS Composition student works.


For the remainder of the summer, I will be returning to The Perlman Music Program Summer Music School as a Fellow and Music Theory Teacher.


Immediately following the Chamber Music Workshop, I'll be heading to Cleveland to teach at the Cleveland Institute of Music's Young Composers Program. There I will be giving composition lessons and lectures on creativity and aesthetics, teaching along side Keith Fitch and Jeremy Allen. The program includes composition lessons, music theory, and a hands-on workshop with YCP's Ensemble in Residence, ARS FUTURA.


The summer beings with the PMP Chamber Music Workshop where I will be a Workshop Assistant.


Performance by Michal Schmidt and David Hughes of the first movement of Within Memory at Andrea Clearfield's Salon in Philadelphia. For more information, visit


After nearly five years of work, my DMA composition recital will finally take place. It will be at the Cleveland Institute of Music in Mixon Hall at 8pm. The program will include Devolution for piano trio performed by Michele Abraham, Quinn Kalmansson, and Shuai Wang; Within Memory for cello and piano performed by James Jaffe and Shuai Wang; Scattered Rhymes for flute, violin, clarinet, and cello performed by Maddi Lucas, Ludek Wojtkowski, Blair Hotz, and Quinn Kalmansson; and Fragments of a Time and Place for soprano, violin, piano, and percussion performed by Ashley Close, Ludek Wojtkowski, Michael Evans, and Emily Grabinski.

It is difficult to express how much gratitude is felt for the work of these amazing musicians. Having such incredible artists performing your music is a very humbling experience. Many thanks go to my friends who have worked so hard to make this recital happen.

April 2014

This Spring I will be joining The Perlman Music Program in their PMP in Israel residency at the Tel Aviv Conservatory.


Headed to Palo Alto as a Fellow with The Perlman Music Program to open the concert season at Stanford University's Bing Concert Hall.


Back to Shelter Island!  I'll be working as a Fellow and Music Theory Teacher for the Summer Music School at The Perlman Music Program this Summer.


Each Summer at the Cleveland Institute of Music, the Preparatory Department hosts the Young Composers Program.  I will get to work along side Keith Fitch (CIM Composition Department Head and YCP Director) and Jeremy Allen (CIM faculty and Cleveland-based composer and teacher) as a YCP faculty, working with 14 talented composition students.  I'll be giving a series of lectures on creativity, sensitivity, and aesthetics, culminating in an in depth look at Crumb's Black Angels.  Additionally, I'll be teaching composition lessons with YCP participants.


Heading back to Shelter Island, NY to work as a Fellow for The Perlman Music Program Chamber Music Workshop.  It's always such an incredible experience reuniting with old friends and mentors, meeting new people, and experiencing music at PMP.


Ars Futura is at it again! - with Jinjoo Cho, Carlos Javier, and Hyunsoo Kim performing my Devolution for Piano Trio at the Survival Kit Gallery in Cleveland, OH.  Mike Telin had this to say about the trio in his concert preview:

"Wang and Lucas agree that Tim Mauthe’s Piano Trio, Devolution, is a fast and furious, energetic piece that utilizes a lot of extended techniques in the string parts."


The Fidelio String Quartet, formerly the Kardia Quartet, will be performing my String Quartet No. 3 in NW Washington DC at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and in Ewell Hall at the College of William & Mary.  After a performance of works by my colleague Greg Bowers and myself in DC, they quartet will travel to Williamsburg, VA to read compositions by W&M composition students enrolled in composition with me and Chris DeLaurenti.

Saturday night, the Fidelio String Quartet will perform Bowers' String Quartet No. 2, "Byproducts of Mass-media," and my String Quartet No. 3 along with Mozart K.387.  The following morning, The FSQ will work with chamber ensembles from the Williamsburg Youth Orchestra and William & Mary, including the conductor-less chamber ensemble, the Gallery Players.


Devolution is being performed Emily Cornelius, Carlos Javier, and Shuai Wang of Ars Futura, a new music ensemble from Cleveland, OH.  At their Philadelphia debut, they will be playing works by Joseph Hallman, Keith Fitch, Marshall Griffith, and Eric Charnofsky.  The concert will take place at the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia at 4pm.


Thank you Ellen Cockerham, Neal Cary, and David Kim for the wonderful performance of Devolution for Piano Trio.  It was great being programmed along side composition students from the College of William & Mary and my colleague Greg Bowers.


Great news!  I was awarded first prize in the 2012 Musica Domani International Composition Competition for Within Memory for cello and piano!

9/15/12 - 9/16/12

The Kandinsky Trio will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year by premiering 25 new pieces!!  Thank you Kandinsky's for bringing so many incredible concerts to the public and for creating incredible opportunities for composers.  Congratulations on 25 years!!

I was fortunate enough to have been asked by the Kandinsky Trio to write a piece for their season opening concerts.  On Saturday, 9/15, The Trio will perform my Devolution at Roanoke College in Olin Hall.  On Sunday, 9/16, The Trio will perform the same work at Virginia Tech in the Recital Salon at 3pm.  Devolution will share the bill with Brahms, Beethoven, Holliday (my teacher from Virginia Tech), and Smirnov (Vlad and I were in school together at VT).


Three Movements for Solo Violin will be performed in Australia at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, West Recital Hall, by Victoria Jacono-Gilmavich.  This concert is the Australian debut of the International Composers Collective.  Works by Sam Cave and Calogero Panvino will also be featured on the concert.

8/29/12 - 5/12/13

I will be joining the faculty of the Music Department of the College of William and Mary as a visiting instructor in theory and composition.

8/12/12 - 8/27/12

At the end of the Summer, I will be heading to Shelter Island, NY to work for The Perlman Music Program's Chamber Music Workshop.

7/9/12 - 8/5/12

Toward the middle of the Summer, I will be attending the Atlantic Music Festival Composition Program in Waterville, ME.  Scattered Rhymes for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello will be premiered on Saturday 8/4/12 by the players of the AMF Contemporary Ensemble:  Timothy Hagen, Joseph Shiner, Jae-Won Bang, and Jonah Kim.  

Fragments of a Time and Place will be featured on an AMF Salon Series Concert on 8/2 in Lorimer Chapel.  It will be performed by Tara Villa, Kari Ringgenberg, Hyun Joon Shin, Elyse Weakley, and Yi-Chia Chen. 

On 8/1, AMF will be holding its first electronic music concert.  I will having a piece from incidental music for The Other Shore performed by a computer!  It is from the second scene of The Other Shore.  The instrumentation is two violas, two cellos, and piano, which were recorded live, then manipulated in Logic 7.

6/17/12 - 6/23/12

At the beginning of the Summer, I will be on faculty for the Cleveland Institute of Music's Young Composers Program with Randall Woolf and Jeremy Allen.


On Sunday, April 29, I will be performing Leo Brouwer's Quintet for Guitar and Strings with Erica Ward, Benjamin Kunkel, Chiara Fasani, and Robert Nicholson.  The program includes pieces by Piazzolla, Falla, Paganini, and Villa-Lobos.  The concert, Tapas de Música, is part of a series of chamber music concerts staged by Heights Arts at the Heights Arts Gallery at 2175 Lee Rd.

12/22/11 - 1/8/12

This winter I will be working for the Perlman Music Program as a Fellow in their Sarasota Winter Residency.


Guitarists Robert Sharpe and Danny Rectenwald will be performing Breezes and Rogue Winds for guitar duo at the CIM Guitar Studio Recital at 2pm.


Breezes and Rogue Winds for guitar duo and Three Movements for Solo Violin will be performed at the Happy Dog on an amazing program of new music as part of Cleveland's Classical Revolution.  Robert Sharpe and Danny Rectenwald will be performing Breezes and Rogue Winds and Matt Leslie will be performing Three Movements for Solo Violin.


The American debut concert of the International Composers Collective will take place at the gallery at Arts Collinwood on October 16th at 4pm.  We will be playing works by Sam Cave, Calogero Mario Panvino, George Holloway, and myself!  

9/24/11 - 9/25/11

This Fall, I will be performing with Ling Ling Huang, Jenna Anderson, and Carlos Javier for a Wordstage production titled, "The Musical Circle of John Singer Sargent."  The production consists of readings from Sargent's personal correspondences and recollections interspersed with chamber music written by friends and contemporaries.  The performances will be held at the West Shore Universalist Unitarian Church, located at 20401 Hilliard Blvd., Rocky River, OH  44126. The performances will take place on Saturday 9/24 at 8pm and Sunday 9/25 at 3pm.


I will be performing the Wordstage program, "The Musical Circle of John Singer Sargent" at the Happy Dog beginning at 8pm for Cleveland's Classical Revolution!  This will be an informal preview of the program in a great setting.


GREAT NEWS!  I have joined the faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Music as a student teacher of composition.  I will be teaching lessons to CIM composition minors, Case Western Reserve University composition majors, and CIM Preparatory students.


The inaugural concert of the International Composers Collective was positively reviewed in the August issue of The Strad magazine.  I'm not sure if you can read the review online unless you have a login.


Cleveland's new music ensemble Five One's debut album, FiveOne Experimental was given a great review by Daniel Hathaway on

8/2/11 - 8/6/11

This Summer I have the great fortune of having the wonderful and talented Elegua Duo perform Within Memory during their summer tour through the Adirondacks. The Elegua Duo will perform at Uehlein Medical Center on 8/2, as well as a house concert at the home of Dorit Gaetke on 8/3, both in Lake Placid. They will also perform via the Long Lake Friends of Music at the Long Lake Methodist Church on 8/4, finishing the tour with a Hill and Hollow house concert on 8/5 and recording session with North Country Public Radio on 8/6, also at Hill and Hollow.  Claire Black and Ginevra Ventre comprise the Elegua Duo.

7/17/11 - 7/31/11

Attending the Portland String Quartet Workshop at St. Joseph's College in Standish, Maine.  I will be performing Bartok String Quartet No. 1.


Upcoming performances of Three Movements for Solo Violin and Breezes and Rogue Winds at The Forge in London, England.  These pieces are being programmed  on the inaugural concert for the International Composers Collective along with works by Sam Cave, Calogero Mario Panvino, and George Holloway.


Buried in leaves... Blessed sleep... for orchestra was read by the Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra with Chris Thibdeau conducting.


NOME (North Ohio Music Exchange) presented a concert of new music composed by Jeff Weston, John Fielder, Matt Chamberlain, Julian Cartwright, James Rubino, and Jack Hughes in Oberlin, OH at the Fairchild Chapel.

2/18/11 - 2/20/11

I will be performing with Cleveland-based new music ensemble Five One in a series
of concerts featuring the group in Cleveland Public Theatre's BigBox2011.

7/13/10 - 7/25/10

Participated in the soundSCAPE new music festival in Maccagno, Italy.  Fragments of a Time and Place, with text by Andrew Blalock, was premiered at the festival.  I had the incredible opportunity of having my piece performed by members of the soundSCAPE factulty ensemble: Tony Arnold, Beth Schneider, Aiyun Huang, and Tom Rosenkranz.

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